Béla is leaving his home at dawn to get in time to the flower market twice a week. He used to drive a car but nowadays he feels he is just to old for that.

Budaörs where the flower market is located is quite far away from his shop not mention his home but there is no other way to keep his prices low then to get everything transported by himself. 

To transport the flowers to his shop Béla uses an old luggage he got as a present from his wife back in the days he was traveling a lot in the country.

The shop keepers like him and everything is prepared beforehand. Béla prefers to talk little and act fast as he has to catch the bus going back in order not to wait too long outside in the cold.

Once I asked if he would let me accompany him to his home. He declined by saying it doesn't look anymore like it used to be. Or as he wants it to look like due to the lack of power to keeping it tidy. Hence he prefers not to have any visitors anymore.

Béla has a son and a daughter. Both are already aged and live elsewhere. His son in the countryside and his daughter in France. Unfortunately he rarely sees them.

At the nearby Aldi (grocery chain) people can also buy flowers. Those dumping prices are hard to beat.

He has several health issues to be cured but for loneliness there is no medicine available.

Béla's customers are mostly regular ones. E.g. people that used to come here already as kids with their parents and of course elderly people whom he know by their name.

Béla's life is full of ritual habits. Like having a snack every day before lunch. He also like to play lotto or bet on football games. He also has the habit of not throwing out anything as it might be useful sometime in the future.

Béla told me that people are getting jelaous of him because they think he is a star being photographed and they started to think he is not the person as they thought to be. He said people are acting strange. Many people are watching every step he makes and he does not feel comfortable. So he asked me not to take any photos of him anymore.

Since he asked me not to take photos of him I didnt. But every once in a while I visit him to chat. Last time he explained with great sadness, that he has been robbed. A criminal man took his jacket with all his savings inside (approx EUR 1700). This is for him a tremendous disaster. The money was aimed for a special medical treatment for him and he also wanted to give some money to his daughter to help her.
All I can do to help Béla is to buy flowers from him regularly and to sit sometime for a talk. You can buy flowers from him too. Support your local people anyways.

Maybe to be continued...

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