At the fishing port of Essaouira in Morocco, 2019. © Zsuzsanna Balogh

István András Juhász is a proud dad of two wonderful human beings and a freelance photographer based in Budapest, Hungary.
He completed his studies in economics then went on to work in finance. As a DJ, he took an active part in the Hungarian underground electronic music scene. He had his own program at Tilos Radio, and he was co-founder of one of the first Hungarian independent record labels, Legenda Records.
He was a staff photographer for HVG and photo editor for the online version
Currently he works as a freelance photographer. In his personal works, he usually focuses on human relationships as well as the effects of current affairs and complex social issues on the individual. To put it short, the main focus is on the everyday life of ordinary people. 
Interested in their personal stories,  their microcosmos, their way of living and reflection on their environment in order to give a different perspective on and hopefully a better understanding of the world we live in. Or at least to trying to find answers regarding his life.
I am open to any cooperations, ideas, assignments anywhere, worldwide. Just hit me up and let's discuss our common future!
2018 Nikon-NOOR Masterclass
2016-2017 Istituto Europeo di Design, IED Master Madrid - Master in Professional Photography
2014-2015 MÚOSZ (Association of Hungarian Journalists) György Bálint Academy of Journalism – Degree in Photojournalism
2006-2009 Corvinus University of Budapest - Msc in Marketing

2022 - 41st Hungarian Press Photo Contest - "Nekünk a Balaton" daily life, series - 3rd place
2016 - 35th Hungarian Press Photo Contest - Honorable mention for "Reading Commuter" in documentary photography, series
2015 - Nikon 7 in Hungary – Professional category – 1st place
2015 - Morpholio EyeTime 2015 - Special recognition

2023 - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - Nekünk a Balaton - series
2022 - Budapest Tuning - "BBM - Nekünk a Balaton" solo open air exhibition at Városháza Park
2020 - Capazine - Group exhibition at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest
2019 - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - “Sister Act” in portrait photography - series
2018 - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - Single images
2017 - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - Single images
2016 - Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - "Reading Commuter" in documentary photography, series
2015-2016 Utazó Olvasó (Reading Commuter) Travelling exhibition in Hungarian Libraries throughout the country.
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