My friends in mystical moments of my life.

Vica is a long time friend. We used to sail together a lot. She visited me at my little shelter at lake Balaton. We went out to one of my fav spots. Vica talks a lot and was within a story as i snapped this photo and the wind was blowing too. Plus some really annoying defects of the polaroid film are also visible.

Fövenyes, August 2018

Alisa visited me in May i guess. She was one of my best friends in Madrid. We used to hang out a lot, together with Iza. They dined at my house many times or came over just to be very eastern european in a calle de la palma which is where I lived.

Kisoroszi, May, 2018.

Zsuzsi and Linda are best friends. Linda likes to hike around - hike around pretty slowly, step by step, wondering - the little village in the Káli basin where she has a little hideaway. Great place, great people, great lighting, bad camera, shit film, still great photo. Simple as fuck.

Monoszló, June, 2018.

Alisa and me on a ferry. Eastern european vibez. Check out her instagram.

Kisoroszi, May, 2018.

I just love how instax works. Simple. Adjust a bit, compose and then whoaaa. instantly.

Kisoroszi, May, 2018.

Hey! Hola que tal?! Yes that's me. Long time friend, Anna made this pic with her polaroid after discussing how much we love and hate the original Polaroids because the new films from the company are somehow just shit. Because there are so much technical defects that are very much visible and distractingly disturbing. Anyways on the other hand there are a few things to love about it.

Solymár, July 2018. ©Anna Fabricius

I was with Marci and a few friends canoeing on the Danube (Duna) for two magical days. This pic was shoot right before take off.

Szob, June, 2018.

Péter was also with us canoeing along the Danube. He is long time friend and travel companion (we were together in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran). Wouldn't want to take a photo of him without a cigarette. So unnatural, though he doesn't smoke that much anymore.

Lepence, June, 2018.

C'mon good girl. Taking the canoe for a walk.

Zsuzsi, Danube, June, 2018.

Eszter and András. Friends of mine, friends of eachother. Friends of photography. Lovely people visiting me at my shelter at Balaton. We went for a walk to a closeby fishing boat harbour. Imagine a small one. A tiny little one. Then we turned the world upside down. Simple but memorable moments make me tick. Boom.

Fövenyes, June, 2018.

On my fathers birthday he let me take a portrait of him with my toy camera. Nice gesture. Yeez he is such a big Beatles fan! Fun fact: he got this shirt from Liverpool, from my brother and myself. At first he didn't like this picture. At second still not. I hope he likes it by now.

Papa, June, 2018.

This summer's newly discovered high life activity with Zsuzsi was to go out together on the lake kayaking. It's such a great adventure to search for birds and other creatures in the reeds.

Zsuzsi, Örvényes, July, 2018.

Meet Cica (that's his name and it means "Cat" in hungarian). He is super cool. Doesn't give a fuck about anything but himself. Here Cica is entering his home thru a roof window.

Budapest, 2017.

Cica not giving a fuck. Sleeping 18+ hours a day.

Budapest, 2017.

No deep thoughts here. Just the usual struggle of womankind and everyone else. And the red coat and blue jeans looks great on the green moss. 

Zsuzsi, Prédikálószék, 2017.

Vadálló-kövek, 2017. november

It's always a pleasure when friends visit you in your shelter. They come and go and behave as if they were at home. And well, they are.

Marci, Fövenyes, 2017.

Ye, yes, please a little further up, now a bit to the left, noo not that much, a little to the right, now down, stopppp, freeeeze. there you go my darlinnnn. shoot!

Marci in a natural spotlight, Fövenyes, 2017.

Hey, the water is cool. It's not that bad. It's not cold at all, maybe you just feel it so. Okay, but you go first.

Zsuzsi, Fövenyes, 2017.

Zsuzsi "i've heard someting.. someone might be at the pier.. lets get out." right after this shot we were kindly asked to leave this not so much secret and private place.

Sajkod, 2017.

According to Zsuzsi probably one of the best things in life is to be a pensioner at Lake Balaton. Will try when time comes.

Fövenyes, 2017.

Marci is quite happy getting some copies from our record release from a few years ago (long live da Legenda Records our record label!!!) before hitting a record fare in Budapest.

Pasarét, 2017.

I had a portrait photography session with Zoli, a famous hungarian house producer. We spent a whole afternoon together at a green house, but then we just had to hit the local record store Deep. It was kind of a must. This was the last shot. Everyone happy.

Aradi utca, Budapest, 2017.

Béla bá, készíthetek ezzel az analóg fényképezőgéppel egy képet? hmm.. igen, hová álljak? Nem tudom, ahová jól esik. Jó ezeket úgyis el kell pakolni, mert megyek haza és ... "katt..." Köszönöm, pár perc és mutatom.

Pasarét, 2017.

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