The 14 dan graders. Viki is 5th from right.

Obedience is an integral part of the hierarchy in any martial arts. Viki was appointed by the examiners to be the leader of the group of dan graders. This was a hidden "task" for the men: obey a woman in any case.

The group had to stay and move and act together all the time. There are many reasons behind this but first of all this forces them to act more as a team that can count on their members, bringing comradeship in the foreground and leaving individualism behind.

During the week a lot of practicing was involved together with higher ranked instructors who were helping them to refine their knowledge. Sometimes inches make the difference.

Viki's rehersal. Viki had to present in front of the black belt masters committee her idea of how to get more women into Kempo Karate and her part in this as she is going to play a major role in the life of the Hungarian Association.

A 6x5x1 minutes of combat fighting- with only a one minute rest between the 5x1 minute fights against rotating opponents is very daunting.

A crucial part of the dan exam is the high physical demanding during the whole week with only one purpose: at the end only those can make it who are strong enough psychologically.

Viki is receiving a massage after a very dauting day. And meanwhile the young students are taught how to do a proper healing massage. Later in the evening they treated all the other dan graders.

The dan graders have to be alert all the time. Night challenges are common. They get very little sleep daily and this leads to fatigue and stress. 

Every dan grader has to hold a training for the other attendies of the camp. As Viki is also a certified cross-fit instructor and held an intense work-out training to every participants greatest pleasure.

In the evening before the final exam Viki is preparing breakfast for the examiners. This is part of the game. If you manage to please the masters you might have the feeling they are less strict. But this mostly remains only a feeling.

04:15 am - morning rituals and getting ready before the exam.

05:38 am - Tensho Kata. Every move has to be done very slowly with all muscles in full tension. Meanwhile one is withholding her and others ask questions that are to be answered punctually otherwise punished.

07:22 am - Viki is trying to heal a fellow graders thigh muscle by forcing old blood to flow out of his veins. This is quite a painful act but generates the muscle to regain its power faster.

11:00 am - Self defense is one of the most important part of any martial arts. Here Viki is challanged by multiple attackers at one time.

17:11pm - In the 39th round. Nothing got easier for Viki. She is well respected as a sports comrade and as a woman, but on the tatami she is not treated differently in any aspects than man.

17:11pm - In the 39th round. Nothing got easier for Viki. She is well respected as a sports comrade and as a woman, but on the tatami she is not treated differently in any aspects than man.

17:14 pm - the last round is always with the very own master. Upon finishing Gábor is very happy about Viki's endurance. 

17:14 pm - Viki is comforted by her boyfriend and partner in crime, Dávid who is already a 3rd dan kempo master.

17:57 pm - In the final act Viki had to break concrete blocks. High concetration is required to shatter concrete with a doughy mortal hand.

18:28 pm - Relief. The road to acquire a black belt is long. It's a great challenge for the body, mind and soul. Looking at this only from time's perspective for a black belt exam you have to wait and practice at least as many years as the number of that given ranking. So here Viki waited 3 years after her getting the 2nd degree dan grade.

18:31 pm - Viki is greeted and praised by her admiring students.

19:05 pm - Viki is awarded the 3. dan rank with the acceptance of the examiners.

19:06 pm - As part of the graduation ceremony her master is binding her black belt on her as an appreciation of her extraordinary achievement.

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